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Tokyo Cops in New Crackdown


Speeding Up
May 7, 2008
nice.... looking forward to it!

I've seen the fuzz with a few cyclists pulled over, and they ALL are going through reading off either the serial number or the yellow sticker thing. I'm usually moving so not really paying attention to specifics. I believe that yellow sticker isn't required, rather, recommended. I don't have any, in the event that Fuzz-san want to speak to me on my foreign-bought cycle, should i be worried or ready for anything?


I've had this happen to me once. This was about a year-and-a-half ago. I was pulled over on my back-up bike, an R&M Birdy folding bike, late one night on R246. I was riding on the sidewalk as I was without a helmet or any lights. I wasn't riding recklessly or anything. It was about 3AM so very few pedestrians around.

The two cops were waiting on the corner as I approached. One of them waved his flashlight at me to stop. They asked if this was my bike and if I had the registration sticker; I said I didn't. They then asked where I got the bike from. It was purchased online from a shop somewhere in Chiba. It was never registered. They then asked for my ID and where I was going. Then they told me to get some lights and let me go.

They must have been running a special program or maybe looking for someone that night. A few blocks later, I was stopped again by another pair of cops on the other side of the road. They asked again for my ID. After showing my ID, I told him this was my second time that evening. The guy chuckled a bit and let me go.


Maximum Pace
May 25, 2009
ID checks are pretty common here actually and it show my wifes hybrid was recovered.... 3 years after it was stolen :D
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