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Tokyo Century Ride


Basho's companion
Nov 2, 2005
Coming soon...


参加費:6,000円 (高校生以下3,000円)
距 離:20Km毎に160Kmまで(初回2008は80Km)

日 程
2007年12月中旬 大会概要発表
2007年12月〜1月 公式サイト公開/参加申込開始
2008年 2月20日 参加申込締切
2008年 3月20日 参加者決定(参加者多数の場合は抽選)
2008年 4月10日 参加料ご入金
2008年 4月20日 参加証などの発送
2008年 5月 イベント当日!
Eigo onegaishimasu
Hi Sha-san,

Cycling event "Tokyo Century Rde" will be held in this May.
But the details are not decided
yet officially.

Please wait.
The simple English version:

As far as I can tell, the date still hasn't been set, but it will be either May 3rd - Golden Week - or May 10th (probably the 10th).

Last year, it was an 80km (half-century) ride.
Start: "Kasai-Rinkai-Koen", on Tokyo-bay and ride up Arakawa 80km.
Finish: Akigase-Koen.

This year though, it looks like the organizers are thinking of doing a turn-around at "Akigase-Koen", and riding all the way back to Kasai-Rinkai-Koen!

This will be the first time for the organizers to do the turn-around (Full Century); but they seem to be confident that it will work.

For those who've never ridden along Arakawa; IT'S AWESOME!
It is as wide as a 2-lane road! No traffic lights!


The problems that may occur are:
1. There are several places along the course where you will have to cross the river, ride up a bit further, and then cross back again to the other side.
From Kasai-Rinkai: Ride up 5km,
Cross the river; ride for 65km,
Cross the river again; ride for another 10km.

That's 80km. Then turn around and head back!

Also for the 'uninitiated', The WIND!
One way might be an awesome tailwind, but the other way may mean a headwind from hell. At 4 months in advance, there is no telling which way the wind will be blowing...

If the wind is blowing from the South, the ride up the river will be super quick; but the ride back down will take twice as long.
Conversely, if the wind is from the North, just getting to "Akigase" will be a nightmare; but when you turn around with the wind at your back, you'll be haulin' arse!

Whichever way the wind blows, it should all even itself out, right!?:rolleyes:

Is this event connected at all with the JCA's 3/4-century during Golden Week? It usually goes up and down the Arakawa, starting from Komatsugawa-koen.
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