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Tokyo Bound


Oct 5, 2008
Great site. Have enjoyed reading all about your adventures.
My wife is Japanese and I am lucky to be able to travel to Japan twice a year to catch up with relatives etc.
I usually borrow the Mother-in-law's shopping bike and explore the Tamagawa and Nogawa.
Next visit I am thinking of taking over my Giant Uplander ( with road based tyres) OR buying a new (!) 2007 Giant OCR in Oz for about $600 and taking that OR flying with out a bike and buying a Giant MR4 in Tokyo as it is not sold in this great country.
I've done as much research on the net as my limited Japanese allows. with regard to the MR4 have any of you peeps seen them around, heard anything about them?
Any ideas greatly appreciated.
All the best.
Hello Rob

Hello Rob from Paradise Point !

I'm just about to go over to Tokyo for a few months.
Maybe we can catch up for a ride.... here or there sometime.
Send me an email via my profile if you like...

Thanks Gus
Our next visit to Tokyo is March 2008.
Will PM you
Rob (in Helensvale)
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