Tokyo Bike Polo

May 21, 2013
Hey Everybody,

there is a active group of bike polo players in Tokyo. We meet up twice a week usually Wednesday evening in Komazawa park and Weekends either Komazawa or Kugenuma.

At the moment we are thinking of offering a "Newcomer Bike Polo" session for beginners who want to try out Bike Polo. We don´t have an exact date so far as we first want to check if there are interested people out there. The beginner session will be either on a Saturday or Sunday morning in Komazawa park. We will provide bikes, mallets and balls and give everybody a short introduction into Bike Polo. All you need is comfy clothes.

Personally speaking Bike Polo is a great sport as it is combining riding my bike, team sport and ball skills.

If one of you guys is interested in joining the beginners session please give a short post. Everybody from young till old is more than welcome! If there are enough interested persons we will post more details and the exact date.
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