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Tokigawa Base! Shiraishi just got better!


Maximum Pace
May 29, 2012
Most of you might know of the to-and-from コンビニ along the route 172 going up to the shiraishi climb.

Well it seems they finally given up on the idea that a normal コンビニ would work there. But something really amazing just opened there today!

Tokigawa Base, you will be able to buy tubes, tires, various spares and even cleats in vending machines. Absolutely brilliant idea! (Im guessing normal vending machines will let you fill up as well).


Tokyo Cycling Club
Jun 30, 2013
Good find.

I reckon that might actually make it possible to get a better time on Shiraishi.

At the moment, the done thing is to stop outside that wooden hut right at the bottom, fill up with drinks and enjoy the ice cold frosty reception from the people who run the shop.

With this new shop becoming the official pre-Shiraishi stop, to get food, fill up with water etc, it would mean that there is no need for a stop and therefore warm-down right at the bottom of Shiraishi. You can just pace yourself up to the hut, conserving energy (ie., not going at it like a nutter at 38kmph uphill then dying on the actual Shiraishi climb, like some prick always seems to manage), then power up into Shiraishi proper, all warm and with the food kicking in that you ate down at the new shop.

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