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Today - November 2010


The Crank Engine
Nov 1, 2005
Mike, I hope you don't mind if I open the thread for November. The credits are all yours, of course. :D

After weeks of lonely commutes my first "group ride" with Serguei and Sebastien of Fuji-Cyclingtimes: "leisurely" 60km along Onekan and Tamagawa.

That was my usual view of them, from behind and in greater distance. It was great talking to you, Sebastien!

Note to self: commuting cannot replace regular training.
Sebs a great guy!

Today I did my usual morning intervals.... felt very slow until i looked at the clock and saw I was doing 37km/h up a climb.... true what they say "It doesn't get any easier you just get faster!"

Still got pains in the gut when I push hard though.... a nice memento of Africa, need to go back to the hospital as soon as the season finishes.
Nice pic Thomas, and ditto on Seb being a great guy. Did you run into him while out?

Tomorrow and Wednesday supposed to be the same.... :(
well as long as it stays there :D

On another note does anyone have issue 10 of Bicycle Club Magazine?
That radar picture says it all!

I still managed to ride the 50 odd km into work and back. I don't mind the rain when it's warm like today. But the wind! I thought I was going to be picked up like Dorothy only to be dropped into somewhere nice and sunny on the other side of the island!

Still, there's no place like home.....


100km Wada-Kobu loop with Serguei today, brilliant weather!

We met, in order of appearance:

- a foreign MTB rider who dragged us to the foot of Wada-toge at an insane speed. It was they first time I've ever wheelsucked a MTB.

- James, climbing Wada, who acknowledged our presence with a nod, but who wouldn't interrupt his training regime for meaningless chatter. :D

- Kori, who was on her way to Tsuru-toge. Nice, blingy Cannondale, Kori! ;)

- Fumiki, climbing Kazahari while we descended from Kobu tunnel.

Tamagawa CP was a highway of madness today. We missed a loose chihuahua (I believe it was one) only by centimetres.

Nice day out. Thanks, Serguei! :)

Did my first run in the hills west of Tokyo.
But I think I choose the wrong route :warau:
Iriyama and the back road to Wada are not for noobs :eek: I didn't notice that the max gradients are > 10% ... sigh ... but it was a fun day out! The sun has been missed these past few days.
100km Wada-Kobu loop with Serguei today, brilliant weather!

Thanks for the company, Thomas - it was a great day out!

That chihuahua was very cute with its pink leash, but it almost got cut into 2 smaller chihuahuas by the fast rolling wheels of Thomas the crank engine, lol.

Lots of special encounters and brazilions of cyclists everywhere - they really gonna have to build a bike-only road at Tamagawa and in the mountains somewhere soon
Great seeing you guys... I was actuall on a training ride with 2 other Fuji Squad riders, Half the Aquatama Squad, 2 Ravanello squad riders, 1 Bridgestone Anchor rider and had already raced up Kobu and some other climbs on route... .was actually in second place as I was hammering away up Wada.....I seriously need a compact when climbing!

Ended up with 180km on the clock door to door.
Thanks for the picture thomas! What a great day. 100km from takao, otarumi, uenohara golf courses, Tsuru toge, back to Ome.
October was a wash of far too many working days followed by illness, so though I was slow-- even for me-- it was great to be out in the mountains. Finally!

And happy to run into Thomas and sergey. It's like I'm in a club or something... errr
Wow - ran into Domenic, et al at the Family Mart. My Greenline plans had shifted, so decided to truck out to Takao w/new friend. Seems like everyone was on the roads today! We just did leisurely route over Otarumi, then around lake and back via Tama. Time constraints pushing. Crunched a 49/16 over Otarumi in prep for the next HC - so managed to get some 'pain time' into the mix. Clocked in 150 or so - good mix of interval and LSD fat burning.
Sounds like you guys should do some more riding in Kanagawa, not as many cyclists but our squad almost got taken out twice. Once by an ojisan driving who forced us in all directions, brakes squeeling and another time by an obasan crossing the road with a wheelbarrow:confused: She was determined to get across before we passed her, but luckily thought better of it as we bore down on her at 40km/h!

We had a few TR riders with us today and it was a game fest for mountain and sprint points.....my form is looking good for Okinawa. Great weather and brilliant fun:D

p.s. Thomas, very happy to hear your out in the mountains but you sure have left it late, it's getting cold!
today's trivia--go to maps.google.co.jp and paste in: from:japan to:china

then scroll down to #43....!
today's trivia--go to maps.google.co.jp and paste in: from:japan to:china then scroll down to #43....!
Bizarre. It works at maps.google.com in English too.

First time on the bike for more than a week due to family illness and me consequently having to be housewife and full time worker; I could theoretically ride to work but there'd be no time to shower and change. Not good.

Anyway I put a few km away today and feel a lot better for it. Nice and warm.

Thomas: I'm totally happy for anyone to start the new month's thread. No claim to fame on that from me.

Can I talk about yesterday in the "Today" thread???

Spun out 40 easy kilometers going to work, to a friend's place, then back home on Friday. Like Mike, after two weeks off the bike in Nagoya for work, it felt great to be on the road again.
today's trivia--go to maps.google.co.jp and paste in: from:japan to:china

then scroll down to #43....!

Now try this instead for going by car, by train or on foot. The train does not work, and on foot one gets to take a ferry from Kagoshima. So why do cars have to jetski across the ocean? And would that apply to bikes too? :confused:
WTF? Frame trashed

I'm in shock and grief. My horribly abused but still faithful Panasonic Cr-Mo frame has been trashed by Mr. or Ms. Nobody. No clue as to how, but I came home tonight to find a whacking great dent in the top tube. Looks fatal to me. :( Not even cling-film will heal this one.

I rode home in the dark last night, so I might have missed it.

So I'm in the market for a new frame. I know I'd be guaranteed satisfaction with an identical custom Panasonic. I know Bridgestone/Anchor do similar custom frames with nice, classic looks. But I could maybe stretch my wings a little.

Can anyone else offer ideas for a great steel frame suitable for daily commuting abuse, stupid mountain climbing, and everything inbetween? I want to choose and act quickly, but haven't got a lot of spare cash. Well... any spare cash really!

It is (was) 54 cm.

I have my carbon Felt F3C which is a fine runner but necessitates a rucksack for commuting or more-than-one-day touring; can't put the Topeak rack on it. So I'll survive, grudgingly, for a little while.

Please send ideas.

--HF Mike--
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