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Today - July 2010

Half-Fast Mike

Lanterne Rouge-et-vert
May 22, 2007
Nice and warm HF trundle around the Tamagawa today. Loitered too long with a friend in Shinjuku afterwards, giving the rain a chance to really get going so I got pretty well drowned on the way home. I take some comfort in the fact that Rule 9 mean this makes me a badass.

Had a close shave with a taxi door at Futagotamagawa going home (in the downpour). The ****waffle driver opened his door before he'd even stopped. I had just enough time to dodge left and slow down enough so just clipped the edge of the door with my right shifter. Could so easily have crushed my fingers.

Mr. Driver got a piece of my mind, I can tell you!

--HF Mike--
My today starts about now....looks like a storm is about to open up but 6 guys have decided to do training tonight anyway. Start 9:30.
Will be home in good time to catch the last hour of the TDF and luckily have the day off tomorrow...
Ahhh.... Tanabata, and 12 years of married bliss!

I may have to give my real love a fleeting glance as I walk past the garage and through my front door. Just joking! A days rest will probably do me the world of good
Tim, you're amongst freinds....we all know you're not joking! :cool:
Didn't feel like washing the bike for the third day in the row, so went for a 3 hour walk in the rain.

On return, remounted fenders on the 'cross bike. :rain:
F**ng flat again on the way to the river. Walked back and popped on a EVO-CX. Hopefully that will last until the Gatorskins arrive. Yamete dori is a minefield - all these damn staples and small sharp objects. PLus the f*ng engineers CANNOT figure out how to make a bridge 'gap crossing' - WTF are they doing? These geared wangle thingies just rip tires apart!! F*ng idiots!!
I give up -- just going to get rollers and leave it at that.
I'll let the picture do the talking.

All of my elevation graphs are totally embarrassed by your grand tetons (even tho, or especially because(?) there are three of them). Too embarrassed to even be posted here. Actually, I don't think my Edge 500 is even capable of measuring that kind of elevation, or maybe that's what it's telling me since it knows what a wuss I am, and it's just making nice while hoping I'll someday give it up to a real cyclist..., and stop doing the same casual stuff over and over again.

And hopefully, after my fifth ride of the week early tomorrow, I'll have covered maybe 190km. :) Which, you gotta admit, is more than the 165 or so that you did in that one ride... :rolleyes:

I'll raise you a 190km in week for a 226km in a day.

This was last Saturdays ride with Mike, Sergey & Tom. :D

Another quick loop today, out and back before the rain. Hankering to do a long ride but the weather's not cooperating...


Looking to the sky when leaving the office, I gambled on the drizzle not becoming a down pour. After covering 5 of the 35KM distance, the drizzle gradually becamed 大雨.
Glad I'm not the only one who got mega-soaked today. :D

70km of commuting between Yokohama and Ebisu today. How long does it actually take for a pair of SIDIs to dry?

Thomas, that was crazy today! You're sidi's should be fine by tomorrow;)
First 練習会 this morning with a new-to-me local shop team. Short but fast--haven't pushed this hard on a ride in a long time, and it felt good to force the legs a bit.
I had a hard training ride this morning. We have a new course which I haven't been on yet. I was going to intercept the team at the 8km mark and tag along.
About 1km before that point I could see them ahead turning the corner...about 20 of them at a fairly brisk pace. I had done 5km myself but had to go into TT mode to catch them. It took me the next 15 km to get to them just before the hilly sections.....:warau:

Gentle 130km ride out and around Sagamiko this morning...

Flew up Otarumi on the way back average speed to the top 22km/h eating up all the Ovest and Nalsima riders! Legs felt amazing even after the brutality I inflicted on them last week!

It was like the TDF on Route 20 so many Pro Tour Kits and spanky new bikes!
Very gentle 40km spin in a head wind.
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