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Today Today - December 2016

Half-Fast Mike

Lanterne Rouge-et-vert
May 22, 2007
My cycling November was alright. Plenty of climbing, enjoying autumn leaves in Chichibu, Hanno, Okutama and Tanzawa. I would have to ride 100 km a day for all of December to equal my distance from last year, so I'm not going to try... just enjoy December.




Maximum Pace
Nov 21, 2014
My cycling December will be non-existent (no Festive 500) due to going back into hospital for surgery (removal of the titanium hardware in my wrist will lead to 1 to 2 months off the bike).

After a few weeks I may be able to get back on the indoor trainer if I don't put any weight on my wrist.

All-in-all, it'll be a rest, Xmas in the Lake District (England), and back to trying to get some form back in the new year.


Maximum Pace
Jan 13, 2015
Running a bit ahead of myself, but saluting the coming weekend!



Maximum Pace
Jan 13, 2015
After riding a lot and neglecting maintenance (see 1st two pics) I've done an overhaul on the Wilier a bit at a time over the last two weeks or so, as I was unable to ride as much. Everything got disassembled, cleaned, lubed, put back with the proper torque, the whole deal. Did a thorough inspection of tyres (swapped the front for rear too, to better distribute the wear), piled the brake pads, fine-centered the calipers, changed the chain etc.

Thanks to our admin here for drawing the world's attention to this issue, I even checked my RD spring for this symptom, but it felt pretty good as is, so haven't had to do this just now. Definitely a problem that does not get as much attention as it's potential damage warrants, as @macrophotofly can attest.

Anyway, bike feels smooth and almost like new now. As I mostly ride the other one, the Wilier should now be good for most, if not all, of 2017. :cool:


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Sincerely A Dick
Nov 14, 2011
My plan for Sunday was to roll out early and get several hours on the trails riding solo. My daughter had a different idea and she won.

So 2 hours on the mamachari and a quick stop at Doutor for a snack - our morning ride was a success.

But I still wanted some trail time. So after lunch, my wife and daughter went to take a nap, I grabber a bike and took off.

Picked a route that left me climbing for 30 minutes to descend for 5. That is the worst part of the local trails.

But at least there is a view from the top.

I also used this ride as a chance to test out the new GoPro and get used to how it works vs the old one.
Sadly, I missed some stuff I thought I was recording and recorded some stuff I didn't know was recording.
I need to pay a tad more attention when starting/stopping the recording.
I did note quickly - The Hero5Session video and sound quality killed my Hero2.
Initial reaction is that I like it a lot more than the Hero2 and Virb.


Sincerely A Dick
Nov 14, 2011
Due to last night's rain and my desire to not destroy trails, I had to abort my original route. I decided to take in the colors of fall and just chill. The colors did not disappoint.

I did bring some of the trial home with me tho...



Maximum Pace
Jan 13, 2015
Speaking of bike crimes, almost got doored during the evening commute. The taxi on the left is parked, the black car straight up is stopped for a red light, giving no sign whatsoever that it might open the door suddenly. The lane to the left of it is open after the taxi.

I go between them very cautiously, as I usually always assume the worst. And all of a sudden, just as I was going past, the doors fully open.

Because of the slow speed I managed to take sharp left and avoid it, but oyaji got a big oi and a glare. Looked like some big shot with a driver or something. FFS


Bokeh master
Sep 28, 2011
Great sunrise this morning but cold. -2 degC around the lake, frost on the ground. Starting to get down there.
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