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Today - December 2010

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May 22, 2007
New month, new miniblog thread. This is for anyone to join in, jump on, ride away with etc. If you have a recent experience to share but don't feel it's worth a whole new topic, why not bring it to the Today thread?

Third beautiful day in a row for commuting my crazy commute. Great conditions; roads nice and dry, nice temperature. Coming home yesterday evening I got two great drafts - one from a 20t truck loaded with steel girders (65 kph), and one from a 4-stroke 50cc scooter (30 kph without pedaling.) Today I got another fast draft from a Circle-K delivery truck. Don't try this at home, kids.

I'm excited about impending TCC jerseys (more jerseys :D yay!) and about getting my new Ti frame courtesy of TimIndustries (new frame :D yay!) soon.

Was just about to set off for home this evening when I found that my Topeak QR Beamrack had split. Glad I didn't ride off in that condition - might have lost all my luggage... and my balance. I'm sure that the reason for it splitting is my constant overloading and abuse of it, but it's annoying nonetheless.

I'll post a photo tomorrow, and ask if anyone knows anyone with an Al welding rig that might be able to do a quick repair. :cool:

Looks like it'll be sunny for the weekend. Good weather :D yay!

--HF Mike--
The wx's been cooperating, did the commute to work yesterday and some wandering on the way home. Not TCC level stuff but okay for me. Also went back for a swim&shower afterwards. Pretty much the same ride today, but no swim, bath later here at home. Tomorrow's looking just as good (and will swim, too, since the pool is open earlier), but then the fri-sat forecast says rain. :( Sunday might be okay.
Getting the bike Race-Ready!

After a quick 20km round-trip commute this morning, I spent the afternoon polishing the bike for the Enduro.

Also to come off were the yellow Vittoria "Rubino" tyres I use for commuting, and on went the Michellin Pro 2 Race (light grey, of course).

*Note: The rear flasher will also be taken off before the race!

Maybe I should change my handle to "Gun-Metal-Grey-Giant"! Not! :eek:
Normal short commute to work this morning.

Leaving work, I decided to go for a mini adventure. Instead of riding the direct route home, which involves taking a left onto a busy road early on in the journey, I headed straight and just kept going. Ended up riding through some really nice fields which were totally quiet, as the sun was setting. Felt nice and cold too, which I love. Did a 1km gradual climb pretty well, which peaked near a small farm. On the other side was a short but pretty steep descent and with noone around I decided to go for it. Managed 58kmph down that one; not super fast, but refreshing after sitting in the office all day.

what video editting software do you use?
I mostly use Final Cut Pro, but sometimes iMovie. The latter has some cute built-in effects, but it's not easy to synchronise edits precisely with beats in the music. Hence FCP which offers sub-frame editing and total control; perfect for my editing style.

These are Mac apps. No idea what would be equivalent on Windows. Adobe Premiere, maybe...

--HF Mike--
Adobe is what you want if you are on Windows (or running Windows virtualised on a sick Linux machine like proper nerds)
Today got a holiday package with assorted old and new parts for building up a street racing bike. Some snakeoil (Rotor Q-Rings, zerts insert seatpost) and some vintage goodness.

Christmas came early!
It is a great day indeed.
Anyone riding to Chichibu this weekend? It is the Yomatsuri weekend, the great Chichibu festival.
Any riders coming up here and looking for a place to crash for the night, let us know.

Due to all -- and I mean all -- the water falling from the sky, I resorted to the Beemer this morning. But only because I plan to ride both Saturday and Sunday, and am not sure that I could find time to clean Eric properly beforehand if she got wet.

Saturday: HF Beginner's ride from Roppongi to Odaibeer and back. 11.00.

Sunday: HF Hakoné OMG hill climb. 10.00 in Odawara. My first time. Hakoné Virgin - woo hoo!

PM me if you're interested but don't receive Half Fast bulletins.

--HF Mike--

Eric (edit: last July) on the Pioneer Trail, South Tahoe City, CA
Got Prooooooper soaked on the way to work this morning. The minute I arrive, it stopped raining. Shite.
December 3rd: short jersey, short bibs. Explain that to the folks back in Europe. :D
Mike - Eric is beautiful! I was rock climbing in South Tahoe last year and have never felt so unwelcome as in a couple of the local grocery stores. My Kiwi accent and my climbing partner's Italian one obviously didn't sit well with the local rednecks who weren't happy to sell us anything. Very bad vibe. Great rock.
(edited/withdrawn, since it is now out of date)
I finally bit the bullet today and bought some Panniers, I got these.......


A pair of Orlieb Back Roller Classic Panniers in black :D

I had a delivery today downtown Shinjuku, a present, two large bottles of sake. The area is not where I would like to take the trailer, too many stupid peds down there, the bike I can handle, but the trailer, well, no one sees it, and the peds trip over it :rolleyes:

I carried the two larger HEAVY bottles in my messenger bag.......... :eek:

I then went to the bike shop and bought a set of these.

Yeah they are not cheap, but they have a good rep, I like the one bag design others don't but I did a LOT of motorcycle touring and when it rains, anything with zippers leaks..... period...... IMHO :D

I hope to do some real bike touring this coming year, and besides, these panniers will come in handy for deliveries, so of course the liquor shop is paying for them :bike3:

I toured with those exact bags in bright yellow a few years ago. Loved them. Survived a crash that broke two spokes quite well too. But :( they are lonely and far away with my old bike back in the states. Someday we will be reunited.
I use the smaller ortlieb front ones for back bags, they've always been enough.

Also, a nice pasta casserole for dinner, and some leftovers for tomorrow and/or Monday.
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