Today - August 2012


Maximum Pace
Dec 14, 2006
On my last run this morning I cracked the solo 50km in 90 minute mark that I had been working towards. Got in by 18 seconds! In order to make it I had to keep up about a 36km/hr average on the flats as there are a few humps and hillocks that drop your averages if you let them.
Nice way to end the month for me!:D
Keep it up and you'll need a new name. I can take Blob off your hands if you like.


Maximum Pace
May 25, 2009
Are those from the police seizures? Or factory testing ? I see piles of counterfeit everytime I go over there. The police will do a raid now and then and seize a few hundred framesets as an 'example' , make a big show of destroying them and piling them up for a couple days.
Well as Pinarello has finally admitted that ALL of thier frames are manufactured in the "Far East" it could be either or.


Bokeh master
Sep 28, 2011
Thanks guys, it's been a slow and steady improvement for me over summer. Not really translating to speed up the mountains but definitely better at pulling on the flats!

I think you should consider joining some of the enduro events that seem to be popular in the fall and winter.
Yeah, When I started cycling I thought that it might be fun to compete in a sanctioned race. I would like to do some team TTs, or closed circuit team races. I think that would be fun.

what are you training for?
Nothing particular, just to be faster than whoever happens to be in front of me,:warau: Actually I only called it training because I go to the same place each day. But I am not really training just riding.

I can take Blob off your hands if you like.
Sure why not, you can join me. I'm sure Thomas can make you theotherBlob or something!