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Wanted to borrow a TT bike for 3 weeks


Maximum Pace
Apr 8, 2008
This is a real long shot I know, but I am looking to borrow (rent) a TT bike.

Time period: 3 weeks (last 2 weeks of August, 1st week of September)

Size: L or XL (I'm 190 cm, 6'3)

If anyone has a TT bike they are willing to lend (I don't mind paying for the privilege), please send me a PM.

Cheers, Andy



Maximum Pace
Feb 13, 2008
Hope you manage to get hold of one.
I know from your many posts on here that you would really look after it if you did.


Jul 14, 2016
There's an app called spinlister which people list bikes they are willing to rent out. I've had a look at Tokyo and there are some pretty balleur bikes (who rents out their Indy fab to randoms?) I can't remember if there were any tt bikes but it'd be worth a look.
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