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Tire Pressure Check..... How Often...?


Maximum Pace
Dec 3, 2010
I'm just curious how often you guys check your tires?

Last week I topped mine up and again today I noticed they were feeling a bit sluggish so I checked, and was surprised to see them down so much. I run my skinny tires (for me) on the Mixer 8 tow bike at 80PSI, they are rated max 85PSI. This has caused no problems so far, and I like the way they roll much easier. Today they were at 40PSI, both of them so I don't think they are leaking, but I guess they loose pressure in daily use.

My trailer tires, which have the Woods style of valves had one low the other was fine, pumped them both up too.

Now on the Mixer I have the Schrader valves on the tubes, that is what the bike came with, but when I buy replacements I'd like to get the Presta vavles, as I have them on the Cannondale and they seem to hold pressure much longer.

I would think that most of you run the Presta valves, do you find they loose pressure much more slowly or what?

If I do replace my Schrader valves with Presta valves, does anyone know if I can find the little hole adapters for the rims here in Japan?



Maximum Pace
Oct 11, 2009
I top up my tires every time I ride - so never watch this too carefully. On my wife's bike which has the funky Japanese valves - they lose pressure to 50% about every week or so, never really had any issues with schrader vs. presta. Mainly its the porosity in the tube that will bleed more. My tubulars with latex inners bleed out quite quick, while the heavy duty Michelin Butyls seem to hold air for an eternity.


Maximum Pace
Hardest Crash
Jul 26, 2008
My tourer was riding nice enough (c.f. that other thread with the tire inflation podcast). No perceived issues.

Since I'm off on a longer ride on it tomorrow and probably the next day, among other prep I hooked up the pump and they read out pretty low, just above 4 bar. I put them up over 6, and I hope that's not going to be too hard a ride...! ;) (32mm conti marathons)

On my road bike, I top them every 3rd or 4th ride, much higher pressure.


Speeding Up
Nov 1, 2009
Every other ride

I think most serious riders add air every ride. I have even heard of people who will release a little pressure after every ride, then refill. Too much work for me. I try to check every other ride and always it seems to need a few PSI.


Sep 2, 2009
110 -120psi depending on the ride.

The funky japanese valve that Tim is referring to is actually an English woods valve, if I am not mistaken.


Maximum Pace
Oct 11, 2009
Well that explains it... that and the Lucas interconnects at the mains...
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