Tips for Japan road map (in English) and insurance!?

May 25, 2011
Hi, I'm from the UK and will be in Yokohama for a few days next week, arriving on Monday 27th and leaving very early July 2nd. This will be my second trip to Japan and I really don't know my way around at all. I'll be bringing my road bike with me and I'm hoping to do some day rides while I'm there.

I have a garmin 800 but have all but given up trying to download open source maps on to it, seems beyond my technical know how! Does anyone have any tips on where I can get a good compact road atlas for Japan in English? I've not really seen any for sale on Amazon and as time is running out I'll probably have to get one when I arrive. I don't speak Japanese and I'm wary of getting lost and not being able to communicate!

Also, do I need (or should I get) some sort of liability insurance for riding in Japan, where would I get this from?

I'll be staying in a hotel right by the waterfront in Yokohama so if anyone has some free time next week and would like to join me for a ride let me know. Anything from 30-120km is good by me, nothing too hardcore just be good to meet some like minded people and see some of Japan by bike.