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Training Ride Thursdays. Arakawa Saiko Training Thread

Hey, I have a few questions about this. I'm trying to decide if I have enough time to squeeze it in before work once or twice a week. I checked the beginning of the thread. Is the course more or less the same as when you started riding it in 2015? I'm guessing it usually takes about an hour or so to do the 3 laps starting at 6:00? Basically I think I'd have to leave by 7:00 to stand a good chance of getting back home, having a shower and heading to work without being in a massive rush. If that seems like a stretch I could always peel off after 2 laps I suppose.
Thanks, I think I'll just head down next time I have a free Monday and see if I bump into you. Should be easy to spot if you're wearing the pink panther suit you posted up the other day!
With this crappy weather on the weekend I’ll be there in Mondday almost certainly. If it’s wet I’ll be up on the bank going up and down and staying out of the puddles. Should be there between 6:00 and 7:10am
Ahoy, do people still make it out for this Thursday morning Arakawa run around the lake? And is there anyone whose work schedule permits them to do it at (cough, cough) a slightly more civilized hour -- starting, say, anytime between 8:30 and 9:30? I work late the night before, and I'm coming from the Shin-koenji area, so a 6am start is tough. It means I get about 4 hours of sleep. I could do it, but ...
Hi there. I don’t do the lake route but I ride down the west side of the Arakawa from Shiki to near Kawaguchi then do a U turn and ride back. I usually leave the house around 6 and do a U turn around 6:35-6:45. Feel free to join me for a ride back up the river until Shiki. I’m usually either doing intervals or one longer effort with the pace around 40 (obviously higher if I’m doing intervals).
Cheers, I think it’d be tough for me to get that far up the river so early in the morning, but if I get an early night beforehand I’ll send you a message to arrange a meeting point. At that pace, I might need to sit on your wheel for a bit.
Sorry, I misread your message. Kawaguchi is closer to home. If I'm up early enough, I'll be in touch. Cheers.
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