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Thursday 23 Sept: Steady Ride


Speeding Up
Jul 31, 2007
Thursday is again a national holiday. Such days off are rare so I'll be doing a slow/steady ride that takes in rare small level climbs (<800m).

After departing from Musashi Itsukaichi station, we'll follow the little river up the empty and winding path to Iriyama Toge (596m). From there, we'll descend and then begin climbing the abandoned road up to Wada Toge (728m), using Tallon's Traverse. After this, we'll descend and take on some food in Fujino, before doing the steady climb on route 35. We'll then loop the ride back to Uenohara, via Otsuki, a short time on Rt20, followed by Rt30. The total distance is 90km with 1800m of climbing.

Ride data is here:


Meeting Place: Musashi Itsukaichi Station

Departure time: 9am.

Pace: Slow/Steady

Bail out options: @ Fujino (at 31km mark); @ Otsuki (70km mark).

Anyone welcome.

Please let me know if you're interested.


Looks interesting... The route sounds good but your link isn't working. (could be my computer but could you check?)

Hi Kori,

I was just checking that myself... changed the link now.

Could be keen,

I live in Chiba, so always ride around Chiba/Tokyo or the Boso Peninsula, I have never taken my bike on a train, can you do that here in Japan? But sounds good, hopefully get my new gear for the fixie by Thurs!!

This looks interesting. I will probably join you at least until the first time you cross Route 20 after descending the back of Wada Toge. I'll be riding to and from Tokyo so I am not sure if I'll be up for the entire ride or not.
This looks interesting - a 9am roll from Istukaichi is a early morning call for me (coming from Tokyo) - but I may join as a recovery ride and bail earlier. Need to be home by 3pm max.
Lee, this is perfect just before the Toyo Tyres race on Saturday, slow and steady. What time do you think you'll be passing through the junction of R76/R517? If you don't mind I'd join you guys from there and either continue with you up over Suzu to Uenohara or head down to Dousaka and home via Doushi Michi, depending on how I feel.
Hello all,

Splendid, then lets meet up at Musashi Itsukaichi station on Thursday.

Mike, I'm really not quite sure but I can guess that it would be towards midday as we'll also have lunch at that conbeni just on that little hill on the other side of Fujino. I'll PM my details.

Ah, don't worry Lee as that's kind of getting late for me. I'll just do my own thing and hope to catch you soon. Haven't seen you in ages mate;)
Well, even its a Sean Kelly kind of day, I'm up for a ride - perhaps a little tire pulling on the river - at least its not cold. The only thing I don't like is the traffic - rain + Tokyo drivers = death.
Looks ok now, but I'm tempted to err on the side of caution if that's the weather forecast.

Yeah, reckon might have postpone this one. The rain movement doesn't look good according to Yahoo weather.

Some of the toge's towards Wada will also be a bit mossy, so could be a bit slippy.

It doesn't look terrible here at the moment either and I really want to do this ride. That being said the forecast I am looking at looks pretty definitive. I hate to call it, but unfortunately, I'm out. I don't have a bike bag to bail and I'd need to contend with not only the planned ride, but also the transit to and from Tokyo.

Good luck if you decide to go! I hope there'll be another chance to do this route, perhaps this coming weekend?
Righto Pete - I'm glad you concur. Yeah, I'm all dressed up with nowhere to go...

Weekend could be a goer - will get back to you on it.

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