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Half Fast Thurs 18th - Coco Farm & Winery

Half-Fast Mike

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May 22, 2007
Kelly says...

For anyone wanting to do a long hot ride during O-bon holiday perhaps you would like to join Kelly and Kaz to Coco Farm & winery on Thursday, Aug. 18.

The plan is to somehow meet up at Nagareyama McDonalds at 07.30. This is easy for Kelly & Kaz as we live just down the road. More challenging for virtually everyone else. Mike might ride out from Kawasaki (05.00 start) or take the train part-way (also 5.00 start but he can then sleep for an hour and skip 100 traffic signals in the process.)

We will then head up the Edo river to Sekiyado Castle and then catch the Tone river up to Ashikaga. About 75 km one way. There is an option to come home by train from Ashikaga station, or Koga station. If you want to join us on the Edo please email Kelly kellydmorita(at)gmail(dot)com by Wed. night.

This will be a long hot day, so bring plenty of water as the water refills are few and far between on the Tone river. Also, double punctures do happen as Sal found out on Sunday, so make sure to have at least one extra tube. Bike bags to come home by train, or lights for any troopers who want to try to make it all the way home which is our plan. Not a beginner ride due to length and heat, but fairly flat except the last hill climb to the winery.

...me again. Coco Farm is a really nice place, and the proposed ride is a good/insane way to work up a thirst.

Watch out for a Last-Chance Miura ride on Sun 28th August. And note that next month's Pink Cow meeting will be a week early, on Wednesday 7th September. I will mention this again.

Keep the rubber side down!


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