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Three peaks

Wooo Hooo!

Sergey, I'm in! When you work out the times can you let me know when you'll be passing through the entry point to yabitsu toge (R64/70), coz that's where I'll be waiting for this adventure. I've been waiting for this one!
I'm in of course. Philip be better in too! :D

oh, yes, let's keep the stops to a minimum.

I think last time we did TP we've kept the stops to a biological minimum. And with Hotaka gone, no need to be too harsh. :)

Me in too. Deej be better in too!:cool:
Good luck with this one chaps - I haven't ridden or touched the bike since the last time - so I guess I have some deep rooted psychological scars left from it.

On the plus side, the weather is certainly a bit cooler now so you should make good progress.

In a sense, I truly wish I could join you on a revenge mission but given the above it would certainly be too much. I hope you have a good ride and the weather is in your favour.

Mike, if we roll out at 9.00 we should be at R64/70 around 9.30

Thomas, i guess you are right... we'll stick to our usual rythm :)

Lee, I was somehow certain you would join this one for the sweetness of revenge ;) Hope to see you on the next one though

Tom and all who ride, see you tomorrow!
Wish I could join you but cannot make it this time - need to get home at a reasonable hour and pack for a business trip.
Enjoy the prolonged suffering!

Oh Man!

I can't believe it, but this morning I woke up with a sore throat and have progressively gotten worse through the day. I can't see myself riding tomorrow if things don't improve.

I was so looking forward to this after a week of crappy weather and news of Hotaka possibly being cancelled:eek:uch:

Will see how I feel when I wake up but ATM I'm out! Damn, when am I gonna have some luck? Have a great ride guys.
Deej be better in too!:cool:

Thanks, Tom! It's been far too long, I know. I would like more than anything to join. Unfortunately, I have some family affairs to attend to at about noon, not to mention that like Mike, I am also under the weather. However, I may meet up with the gang in Hashimoto and ride with you for about an hour before turning back. That is, if I don't have a full-blown flu when I wake up!


Forgive my late reply. I have been sick the last few days and had hoped I would have shaken this cold by the weekend. But tonight I feel worse than ever. Se la vie!

I hope Sergey, Tom and yourself have super time . . .

Philip, Mike, I hope you'll be better soon! Deej, it's a pity you couldn't make it. Well, good for you actually. :)

We had to abort TP as the weather gods were not on our side today. We left Hashimoto under looming clouds of rain, and all those heavenly gates seemed to open while we were ascending. Still, it was the fastest sprint up Yabitsu-toge ever. And again Tom climbing on only his big chainring. How impressive! And humbling. :D

Gentlemen, thanks for the short but intensive dash!
return trip monday

Anyone who knows the route fancy doing this on monday 12th ? I cant be too adventurous by myself as i still dont have a far east sense of direction !
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