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This strong yen...


Maximum Pace
Sep 1, 2007
...is going to bankrupt me. Can't stop buying bike stuff as an "investment hedge" against a future devaluation. Dropped by JensonUSA last night to get a $20 set of canti calipers, and ended up with a carbon bar (fantastic discount, couldn't pass it up), set of tires (you always need tires, right? Even if you have 4 spare sets already?), and tubes and assorted knick-knacks.

Result: 2+ man for cheap canti brakes.

This comes on top of cranks and parts from Wiggle, a new frameset, and clothes from CC... Oh well, at least I won't have to buy anything bike related for the next year... :cool:
Shop to save!

I know what you are talking about.
Just got a huge package in the mail from Wiggle today.
Without any one item above 3000Yen, me and some
friends managed to run up almost 5Man:confused:

I won't run out of tubes for the 2011 season:D
Look at all the money you saved with sales and currency exchange

Funny, that's what my wife says, too--but then she's also the one who buys 2 gallon jugs of mayo at Cosco only to throw out a gallon later, so, er, yeah...
Strong Yen

Strong yen ... not so great for Hiroshi K. and his new shop C Speed -- the Japanese wholesalers do not pass on the savings, and he is competing against the great bargains some of us are getting on Wiggle and elsewhere.

Also ... a decidedly mixed blessing for those of us who have the US dollar as our base currency.

Now, back to shopping online.
What I don`t get is why it`s cheaper for me to buy stuff made in Japan from England and import it. :confused:

When I came here, I thought I would be able to deck my bike out with really nice Shimano stuff dirt cheap but sadly that isn`t the case. :thumb1:

Though saying that, I do like my new 105. Just wish the rear derailleur would settle down :pray:
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