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Sold! This and that...saddle, rinko, locks, wallet, Topeak bag, Shimano clincher rims


Maximum Pace
Feb 7, 2011
Here's the stuff.

View attachment 19716. View attachment 19717
FREE - Bar ends - free to taker, the blue lock, the Shimano R500 clinchers 9-10 speed compatible.

Folding wallet - 1,000 yen. (iPhone waterproof wallet, key holder and cash/change compartment)

Ostrich SL100 bag + bracket - (never used) 10k new - selling for 5k (firm).

I can meet at Cross Coffee in Inagi or Y's Road - Fuchu. However, I'll only deliver any of the free stuff if you want something else that is priced. (Don't feel like running over to the coffee shop just for $hits and grins.)
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Adding 2 Gatorskin 700x23s with little wear into the pot. 1000 yen per tire. Same deal is the other stuff. Transfer at Y's Road Fuchu or Cross Coffee, Inagi. I moved to 700x28s and don't need the 23s anymore.
SOLD - The saddle, Topeak bag and Kryptonite lock have been sold.

FREEE - The Shimano wheels will go to the trash, which is a bit of a shame since they have a lot of wear left. So, I'm offering them free (no longer 1000 yen) to anyone who wants them who is willing to pick them up.

And finally, I'd like to add two items to the list of things for sale:

Minoura display stand - 1,000 yen
and a Shimano 11x46 XT CS-8000 cassette = 3,000 yen. (and I'll clean it up nice if someone wants it)

*Same as before... if interested, meet at Y's Road Fuchu or Cross Coffee Inagi.
How many miles on the cassette? Thats a steal! If i grab that, i have a home for the wheels too. Just have to figure out how/when to get them
Probably a couple thousand km max. I've gone to 11x40 and 11x42, which is good for the minimum off road I do. Not much wear.
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