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Maximum Pace
Sep 13, 2010
If Australia had fieled Renshaw things may have been very, very different. In my own opinion the Aussie Cycling Federation were idiots not to especailly after his performance at the TOB.

Maybe the chemistry between Goss and Renshaw wasn't right? Preferring going early by himself to slipping through closer to the line after a leadout?

Pure speculation on my part, as I don`t know the ins and outs and personal relationships, but perhaps Australia were worried that Renshaw might have divided loyalties and work for Cav and not Goss. If it was me (again, pure speculation obviously!) I would ride for my friend and not my country.

I agree, Cav deserves this thing for his and the UK teams' performance on the day and the outstanding rider he is. It is not only his pure speed, but ability to read the sprint and make the right decisions. People have been calling him dumb, but I am a fan of his because he is both highly emotional and intelligent. Most of the time the two attributes seem to be fighting for the upper hand and that is part of the fun watching him (beside that he is hella fast!)

Now if we could put Cav`s head on Andy Murray`s shoulders we`d have a grand slam winner capable of slaying even the mighty Djokovic! :bike2:
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