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Help The wheels have problems? Fulcrum Racing 3


Sep 2, 2009
I got this wheel around a month, I think it is around 100km reached.

The wheels always have a "di di di di di di di eeeeeeeeeee" sound coming out when I am not stepping. And that is one of the reason why I selected this wheels.

However start from last Thursday I think the sound suddenly gone and now my wheel are extremely quiet. Even my old Shimano ultegra hub made louder noise than the Racing 3.

My 1st worry is it a problem in my wheels? (But I think not because after the wheel turned into silent mode I already use it for around 40km already and everything seem fine, smooth) 2st worry: can I do somethings that make the sound coming back? I never open the freehub, I bought it and open up the box and install my cassettes only. Thanks bros !
I suspect Laz is talking about his free hub and the noise it makes when coasting. Is this what you mean Laz?


It is unusual to have a completely silent free hub however if the free hub is not slipping when you apply pressure to the peddles then the internal teeth must be meshing and you should have no problems.

It is easy for a local mechanic to check the free hub for you.


yes, that should sound like that before, but right now is very silent for a couple of day already :warau:
Let me update a bit of my wheels. After a week I keep riding the Racing 3, the wheel start having back some of the sound: not as lough as the Youtube Racing 7 or not as the very first day I use it, but there have sound. I think that is the "warm up" period of the hub and freehub, that the Lubricants are keep moving.

I better ignore it. :)
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