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Race The Training Thread

Puttering around is where those gains are at though! I guess to use the common sporting anology: cycling is a marathon, not a sprint. But I'm sure you know that. I think it can be frustrating because sometimes it feels like you're just out on the open sea with no wind in the sails. But then one day you get somewhere and you can look back at all the work you did and how it added up over time. And that's just the fitness side. You'll develop so much more comfort on the bike & learn better riding techniques just by spending time on the bike. And at 55 you've still got a lot of good years left! Maybe you'll end up like one of those guys racings Worlds at 80+ haha.

I'm not a coach, but I think if I was my advice would be to focus on just riding regularly. Maybe an hours per week goal instead of focusing on a training plan or a power number. Most of us can see a huge benefit just by riding consistently. 2025 gives you 1.5 years assuming you're looking at doing it in the summer. You can do a lot in that time.
Thanks braddah. Yeah, I know I should be dialing it back in training. It is just so hard to do because going fast is so fun and easy on Arakawa with the lower wind resistance. With a bad cough this week keeping me off the bike I am thinking to spend a good chunk of time this winter riding it on the trainer doing just that.

Those old dudes are something else. Other than the absolute beasts some of the young endurance riders are, seeing an old guy with a beard and tattered gear quietly tailing them on a Suntour clad Huffy is a hoot. Especially since all it would take is 1 mechanical issue to get caught. That is what makes dot watching the races like a good book.
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