Race The Training Thread


Maximum Pace
May 28, 2010
It's amazing what consistent and structured training can do. Before I bought my smart trainer and starting doing workouts on Zwift, I was afraid I'd "mikka bozu" and then I'd have a $900 paperweight, as was the case with my Minoura rollers. Nope. Turns out I actually love training as long as I get real numerical feedback on my effort and progress.

Now I wish I had got a power meter or a smart trainer years ago. Let's just say that the wattage that was hard to do for 10 minutes when I started is now roughly the top end of Z2.

After I drop a few more KGs I plan on racing. I might already be ready for a pancake flat race, but those are far and few between in Japan.

I have actually almost entirely stopped riding outside because indoor training is so much more convenient. I guess I need to buy a power meter.

Anyway..... anyone else is doing structured training of some sort? What sort of gains have you made?
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