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The Road to Recovery


Speeding Up
Nov 23, 2006
Been on the thyroid meds for nearly two months and progress has been very good. Blood tests showing things are returning to normal and another one coming up in early July.

Started my daily commutes again on the flat bar. It is only 7km either way but takes in some decent hills including Ometesando which is good early in the morning. Have been feeling good and also extending the ride through Yotsuya and Shinjuku in the evenings to make that one a 10Km effort.

Out on the road bike this morning for a few laps of the palace with they Y`s Sunday Ride crowd for those of you who know that. Anyway here are the stats.

Distance 44km, Elapsed Time 1:34, Avg Speed 28.2, Max 56.6, 2247cal, Avg Heart 136, MAX 163.

Not too shabby for an out of condition old fart on drugs I thought ! Felt great and most of the time I am in 70-85% heart rate range.

Hope to get a few more of these in before getting back for a more serious ride. Hope the doc agrees !!


Well done Charles. That really is great news.


That's good news indeed, Charles! I hope you will soon be able to join our rides. :)
Get well soon, Charles!

That was a great average speed around the palace!
I hope you're feeling well enough to join us for more rides in the near future.
BTW, your heart-rate is way low (and healthy)... My ave.H.R. for a race is 177b.p.m. (10 above your max - my MAX: 204bpm)....
Take care, and hope to see you cycling soon! Travis
Good Going Mate

Good to hear you are back on the bike and feeling OK. Just keep steadily building up, I hope you'll soon be able to join a TCC ride.

good one!

Thats great Charles! Glad you are getting back in the saddle!

The latest.....

I would never do this in the UK but having been here for twelve years I realise that talking about your personal state of health is actually OK and people have an interest ! So, anyway, the latest blood tests show that I am now underproducing thyroid hormone and we now need to correct it slightly upwards ! Anyway this is good news as I am now on the minimum dose and feeling good. I might be able to get off the meds all together if it corrects itself now. So now I am gaining weight rather than losing and feeling altogether rather good !

Doc says exercise and cycling in particular is good but not to overexert !

So, no Fuji for me but a return last weekend to an old favourite from Yoyogi Uehara across Tokyo to Edogawa and all the way to Ibaraki-ken via Tonegawa to a place called Yachiyo. Definitely Edogawakikkoman territory !

I went up on the Sat and down on the Sun. Felt great and the stats were good. The river section had been cruising along well and here are the numbers.

Total up 86km, Elapsed time 3:20, Avg 25.6km, 3691cal, Avg HR 124bpm, Max 155bpm

Total down 85km, Elapsed time 2.69, Avg 26.9km, 3695 cal, Avg HR 124bpm, Max 155bpm

Pretty consistent. Best part was the Edogawa only section plus the last piece from Tonegawa to Yachiyo where I managed :

Avg Speed 30.8km, Avg HR 128bpm

If I compare all this to a similar Tamagawa ride when I was hyper then my stats showed the Avg HR was 143bpm and a max of 180bpm. That`s a big difference.

No shakes and no palpitations for a while now. If all is well on Monday I will venture out again and this time a little gentle climbing. Another blood test on Thursday awaits ! In the meantime no booze and no cheese which is really rather difficult whilst watching Le Tour ne c`est pas ?

Ride safely !!

I would have escorted you a part of the way...send me a PM next time or if you want my mobile number...
thats great!

Chazzer, well done mate! Glad you are doing so well. Yasuhiro and I are thinking of an outing up the arakawa very shortly, would be great to get together with you ( and Mr Edogawakikkoman!) seeing we have not actually met.

I too (famously) did not go to Fuji.... I am waiting for better weather in August though. If we do get a good opportunity, I will post it and see if we can get a few folks together for a 5th station effort!

Anyway, very pleased you are so well on the way back.

Great News Charles . . .

You are definitely on the road to recovery (am I in danger of mixing my metaphors on a cycling website?). Congratulations!


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