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Sep 1, 2007
Old news to some perhaps, but I just discovered that a company called Matrix, which supplies chip timing and finish line sensing equipment for cycle events, sells detailed race info through this site:


You can go to the site, find your event, enter your jersey number, and get time details about your own performance in chart and graph form, all for 500 yen or so.

Just downloaded my data from the Motegi 4-hour enduro back in April, and it's fascinating to relive the event through the numbers.

(Blue line/blue dots: Winner's position per lap
Black line/orange squares: My position per lap
Left (green crosshatch) bar: Fastest lap time
Middle Bar: Winner's lap time
Right Bar: My lap time)

Guess where I got dropped from the peloton? After it happened, my times became 1.5 to 2 minutes slower than the early laps spent in the group--an approx. 20% difference. Lesson for Hotaka: stay in a fast group for as long as possible!

Lap 19 is where I briefly bottomed out with exhaustion and mild cramps. The graph also confirms my hunch that I became stronger (relative to immediate competitors) through the second half of the race (ironically, I started to move up positions AFTER being dropped).

Most eye-catching, of course, is the strength of the winner, as he continued to post the fastest lap times on most laps right to the end. He and another rider finished within a second of each other, followed quite a way back by third place and then the rest of us.
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