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Jul 31, 2007
It's not perhaps as sexy, and doesn't perhaps have the cache of Dura Ace, but there's news on the new Ultegra.


It looks a lot there's been some trickle down from the Dura Ace group set, and the crank has that same rather chunky look as the new DA one (which in the flesh actually looks rather nice, unlike the photos). In fact, from what I can see it basically looks like a mish and mash of the old DA kit and new one. The brake calipers look a lot like the old DA; while the crank looks like the new DA but without all the grey stuff found on it. They also have the same cable routing as the new DA which should look nice.

As an Ultegra user myself, I rather liked the smooth arches and curves of the old group: you felt like you were getting something different; even though mostly the decision to get this rather than that was shaped principally by price rather than anything else. Now, you could be just the DA hand me down kid.
Thanks for the heads-up, Lee. I'm glad they're changing the cable routing through the line. The bug antennae didn't used to, er, bug me until I started riding on SRAM; after that every time I sat on one of the Ultegra or 105 bikes I'd think, "Ew, messy." Covered cables are more aero, too... ;)
If the break levers come in an optional natural alloy finish then the group would also be a fine update to match a traditional looking steel frame. At the moment, the Campagnolo Centaur group is the choice for some.
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