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Maximum Pace
Jan 27, 2009
WAZZUPWIDDAT ? The latest weird bike trend I have seen around Tokyo seems to be No handlebars. ALMOST no handlebars. Cut down to about a grip width on either side of the stem. One was a beach cruiser style the other on a kinda nice converted from road bike fixie. Should I get out my tubing cutter ? TODO
I know a lot of bike messengers in San Francisco that chopped their bars down to deal with traffic. I always ran with track drops though and never had problems, and some people chop their bars shorter than the width of their pedals... No reason! I think it looks stupid too.
Yeah, it is a big fad here in LA too. My understanding is that it comes out of the fixed gear freestyle hipster crowd, who like to do all sorts of tricks on their bikes. The original idea was to make the bars smaller so they could spin their front fork all the way around like the BMX trick guys do, without worrying about it catching on anything while they were doing their trick. Then, as so many things in the fixie hipster crowd, the look caught on, and everyone started doing it just to look cool.
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