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The ignore button


Bokeh master
Sep 28, 2011
It works, I just put a few people (the old blob included) on ignore as a test and Praise the lord! What a relief not having to read their/my dribble anymore! Anyway not trying to raise the devil here just saying, that function is there for a reason! You can refine the site to just see the posts and posters you want, just like when you go through the pearly gates and all the sinners fall away down the shoot to hell.

Especially good for all those lurkers who suddenly appeared with an opinion about the site while they themselves have contributed absolutely nothing to the community. Or those who are offended that other people have friends and joke with them on a public forum.

For those that remain in the future feel free to PM me in my confessional if you are offended by my "in jokes with friends", my puns and general tom foolery. And I'll do my best to listen to your objections and amend my unruly behavior. But you may have to say some "hail marys" in penance though.

For the good of the congregation.

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