The hospital and things one should know better


Apr 23, 2006
shakujiidai, nerima ku, tokyo
hey folks!

Don't do this:

Went to my son's undokai the other saturday and spent the whole day in the sun, followed by a big yakiniku party with Yasuhiro and family. :beer: Then up at 5am on Sunday to do a ride up to Okutama and environs. Feeling very good, fit having recently dropped about 4 kg, so we were hammering along. On the way back SUDDENLY appeared the Man With The Hammer :hammer: and i started to feel VERY BAD.

Within a few km my speed had dropped and I was barely hanging on and starting to feel faint. Yasuhiro kept looking back at me wondering what was going on. we decided to stop at the next conbini, yappari there was none for about 5 km.

By this time I am starting to wander around the road a bit but finally we hit a conbini. I nearly fell off the bike and sent Y in to buy some gel drinks etc. Tried to eat them but the feeling of weakness just kept gathering. Finally I gave in and asked Yasuhiro to call an ambulence.

By the time this came I was unable to speak above a whisper and could barely move.

Yep, its dehydration. Rushed to the hospital and put on a drip for a few hours then released. Wife in MAJOR panic mode arrives at hospital. :eek::gun:

Spent the rest of the day in bed but by the next day was still feeling confused and weird (those of you who know me will be wondering what is new) and so off to another hospital for CT and MRI and blood tests etc. Result being I seem to have long term exhaustion (I have been working pretty hard.:angel:).

Anyway, I am back at about 50%. Hoping to get my arse sorted in a month because Yasuhiro and I are flying down to Okinawa to do the Tour of Okinawa on the 9th.

So folks, just to bring you up to speed!

ride safe, drink, eat... (lots)



The Crank Engine
Nov 1, 2005
I hope you'll be better soon, Ash.

Tour de Okinawa? Will that be a TCC participation or are you running your own team with Yasuhiro-san? :D


Maximum Pace
Jan 14, 2007
Take it easy.... I've been a bit dizzy lately as well...with the cooler weather coming it's easy not to even think about drinking water.... force a bottle down for at least every 20kms you do....