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the gospel according to floyd


I'm gonna save this one for tommorow to read, given the length, wanted to say thanks ahead cause I know I will enjoy reading it in full. I worked mechanical support for a charity ride that hosted Floyd as a guest before the tour of California when the dirt hit the fan(again). From a person to person perspective he was a really nice guy. I cleaned the baggezzers out of his bike and he was really happy cause it was a complete mess. Its funny to see how some professionals treat there equipment. He then left and came back with a water bottle that he signed ( I didnt ask but he saw the twinkle in my eye) and we chatted about this and that. Later in the evening he was at the hotel bar with all the rest of the campers and there was nothing significantly different about him and he seemed like a really nice guy. So all this hairy stuff going on with him and anyone else will never change what I think about him as a person. Did he lie and admit to it, yes. What would anyone do in this situation? There were mistakes made. But yet ye without sin cast the first stone. I do like reading about this stuff. I guess its just my facination with the real story and not what velo news or le equippe wants us to know.

Either way through thick and thin I will always be a fan of the pro peloton and hope to pass this love on to my son and daughter like some folks pass on baseball, soccer or football.

Also dont know if you know who Paul Kimmage is but him and Armstrong have been beefin for a while and Kimmage is an ex pro rider himself who has a bone out for dopers.
Here is a video of Armstrong talkin trash to Kimmage so you can clearly see why he would help Landis in his adventure
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