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Help The fabled Green Line?


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Mar 19, 2007
I think I did it once about a year ago on a ride led by Dennis. Am thinking about heading there again next weekend, can someone please show me exactly where it is on a map? I did a seach on the site, found lot's of maps of courses in that area, but I can't pin point where the Green Line is and how to get there from the 711 at Higashi Ome.


Hi Keren,

There are many ways on and off this route... I found a few routes in my old bikely links to give you some idea.

This one starts from Higashi Ome and ends up at Komagawa Stn. The approach onto the Greenline starts after Shomaru Toge (around the 28km mark):

This one starts again from Higashi Ome and (eventually, via Arima Toge...) approaches the Greenline from Shiromaru Toge, North of Chichibu (around the 70km mark). It leaves the Greenline a little earlier (through a fanatastic little valley, by the way):

So you can see that it's basically the road that runs kinda parallel north of Route 299 - lots of opportunities to make your own route.

The west is higher in elevation than the east - very up and down all the same, but going west to east is always nicer :D

One word of warning though: there is one tricky bit that used to always catch me out and I'd always find myself back on Route 299 when I thought I should still be on the Greenline. This is the one:

Thanks very much Steve, I think I can now work out how to get there.

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