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The deepest settlement in Tokyo


Speeding Up
Jan 7, 2007
Visited the deepest settlement in Tokyo. It is called "Oku" and close to the favorite Ramen shop down Kazahari toge or Tomin-no-mori. Going down from the ramen shop about one km, make left to Minetani area. It is 10Km from there and 360m elevation climb. I posted some pics.

It was fun to climb up and see a small settlement where about ten houses are hanging on the steep slope. As an instant cultural anthoropologist, the shape of the house was interesting.

Fortunately I did not encounter with any large unleashed Doberma type of watch dog which I did in a different area.:)

Minoru Arai
Enjoyed those pics, Minoru, thanks for posting them. Definitely want to do some rides on the west side this spring.
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