The Cycle Show, new ITV TV show.

Sep 2, 2009
Just seen the first episode of 'The Cycle Show', a new UK cycling TV programme.

Might be interesting for some of you to watch, if you fancy.

Nigel Mansell, Graham Obree and Gary Fisher are the guests in the first episode.
Sep 2, 2009
Haha, actually you all need to see this.

Gary Fisher and Graham Obree both appear to be drunk, and slightly unhinged. Very funny!
Sep 2, 2009
Haha, so it was not just me who noticed that then!

Ah, yeah, but it is better than nothing, eh?

I remember back in the day, Diane Youdale (Jet from Gladiators PHWOOOOAAAARR), used to host something called The Bike Show. It was a similarly bad format.

Something about bikes, despite them being one of the largest markets for sad middle aged men like us, with silly money to throw away, makes them almost immune to decent media. Very odd.

Anyway, yeah, I really enjoyed the show, in a throwaway, 'Big Breakfast' kind of way.

Will be watching the next one.


Maximum Pace
Oct 7, 2011
watched it - bloody Shitee.

Graham =

Gary Fisher - Jesus no offence but its dead brand and a dead label - nothing innovative there for years – hopefully they will get some decent and more relevant guests that the viewers can actually relate to.

I think I basically agree with you. I wanted to like it, really wanted to, but it didn't seem like enough.

The setting was irritating. I see that they are trying to have a casual setting, but a coffee shop with lots of noise and people going about their business in the background is annoying. seemed like the guests had trouble understanding as well each other as well. I couldn't hear them very well.

Also, there was no context to the guests. Whatever or wherever you think the people are at now, they certainly had some history which would have been nice to a relatively new person to see (given that most all if it happened many years before i cared about having a bicycle). I'm only familiar with obree cuz some guy at work showed me his earlier stuff about 2 weeks ago. It's not a long show, but giving them more than a one sentence intro would have helped.

I did like the coffee mugs. But if there wasn't one with the pink polka dots I wouldn't have thought about the relevance of a yellow and green mug.

So you can't see this from a Japanese IP address? Oh well. It wasn't engaging enough for me to go pay for a service just to watch it....



Maximum Pace
May 25, 2009
Yeah - they could have gone a bit more in to Graham's new bid for the record as that is pretty interesting and relevant.

The walkthrough of the Oylmpic Road Race course - WTF was that come on! They must have seeen the "virtual stage" that Eurosport do before each TdF stage and they could have done somethign similar as it was it was "Oh box hill 9 times" sorry but anyone who has even spent minimal time on the bike in that area will tell you there is a lot more to it than the 2.5km section at Boxhill.

The information about the new Youth Scheme was interesting and Mansel seemed the only sober one there - actually I felt he was the only one holding the show together and it would have been great if they had got a few of the lads racing down to talk more about it.

Gary Fisher - seriously WTF??? He came across as that embarrassing uncle that turns up at family occasions and spent most of his time trying to validate himself or the others without really doing anything apart from making himself look like a party clown - I have expected him to start making balloon animals.

I think the big problem is that they are trying so hard not to be Top Gear for bikes but to be honest its the ONLY way they can go and acctually be entertaining.
Sep 2, 2009
I know some the response has been mixed, but I have watched the subsequent episodes and it has improved and is pretty good.

You may want to check them out.