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The Clydesdale Glossary...


Maximum Pace
Dec 3, 2010
Some of you may have seen this already, it was new to me.....

>> The Clydesdale Glossary <<

... tip of the hat to timdesuyo for posting this up at facebook.

I certainly suffer from this one.....

CCTS: Clydesdale Climbing Tourette Syndrome:
A short-term affliction characterized by the shouting of insults and/or profanity at smaller riders who pass you on difficult climbs. Usually short-lived except in severe cases, manifested in the most bitter of heavy riders who may have a hard time stopping even after the climb is over.

and I think I fit this description too.....

Fat Ass:
(See Cydesdale by choice)
There’s nothing wrong with being a fat ass, but it could mean that your time as a Clydesdale is limited. I get e-mail after e-mail from people that have dropped significant weight through cycling. So, enjoy the site for now, you probably won’t need it next year!

Some of the definitions on there really made me laugh :D

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