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the arakawa run


Apr 23, 2006
This is just a bit of a report nothing more.

On Monday Yasuhiro and I did the Arakawa run or part thereof.

We got on the river basically opposite Kanamachi, I am not too sure exactly, and flew down to the sea. We then went back about 40 km to Waco and got off and went down to shakujiikoen for beers and a feed.

We left at 7am and rode through town before we hit the river. This is the first time I have been there and it was fantastic. Cyclists heaven and there where a lot of them out too. Great to ride along and check out the bikes, one of my favorite things. We seemed to be fighting the wind, especially on the way home, but it really was a great day, so many thanks to Yasuhiro for inviting me along, I loved it. It will surely be a regular ride from now on for me.

We were back at 11.30 at the park, with about 90 km under the belt.

Then we put the beers under the belt too.

Now just dealing with the sunburn....

Sounds good. I live near Ikebukuro so Arakawa is both close and convenient although not very exciting. However I started wearing an MP3 player and now am happier with my ride!

If you guys decide to do something along Arakawa again post the details here and I'll come up and join you!
Sounds good!

Sounds good scoop! Will do that for sure.

Look forward to riding with you!

The Arakawa is my backyard!

I live in Oji, which is about 5km from the river pathway. Usually ride out there on Saturdays mornings, with the starting time depending on how many beers cross my lips on Friday night. :beer: Can do about a 140km round trip from my house, up into the wilds of deepest, darkest Saitama. I am also up for group rides, if anyone else is keen.

Saturdays are normally ok out on the pathway, with not that many people out and about, but it does have it's crowded parts. But I always try to avoid Sundays as it can be a mad house out there, especially later in the day.:mad:


That sounds great, we should maybe get an official arakawa run going sometime. I will post next time we are planning a run, and all are of course welcome. Try and run lunch into it or something with beer...

more Arakawa interest.....

I am also interested in an Arakawa run. I've only made it out there once myself so far, and got pretty lost trying to find it from Shinjuku. I ended up with a loose left crank once I did find it! (due to a loose bottom bracket on a brand new bike) Got a bit of help from another cyclist though (more about this ride HERE.

Do most people start riding at 7am?? I guess I don't mind the heat, so I ride in the afternoons, as waking up early is a Herculean task for me on most occasions.


Shinjuku cycling blog
My backyard...

I usually ride up Arakawa twice a week on my way to work on Mondays & Tuesdays (from Kita-senju up to Rte.17) - Up to Urawa from there.
I don't do it if it's raining though.
However, I enjoy the lack of traffic-lights, and the freedom to just "ride at your own pace"!
We'll be riding down there (towards Tokyo-Bay) this Saturday for the "Tour de Hanami", so if any of you wish to join us then, please feel free.

The only problem with the river though, is that the wind is "seasonal" - and right at the moment, the wind is decidedly blowing "up-river"! Which means that heading towards the mountains in Chichibu will be quite fast, but the return jouney can mean a fairly hefty PUSH against the wind. It will also mean our ride this Saturday, down to bay may be on the slow side.
I will endeavour to have everyone in a line to block the wind as much as possible for the newer riders.
Still, you gotta love that cycling-path - It's definitely one of the best in Tokyo!
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