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Race The 4th Sunset Street in Kashiwazaki


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Apr 8, 2008

Entry for the 4th Sunset Street in Kashiwazaki opens on January 1st.

I would love to meet old TCC friends and put faces to names of others.

If you are interested in joining, give me a shout. I'm happy to help with travel and accommodation etc.

Hope to see you in Summer 24!

I'm busy preparing this event. If you are interested, check the links below.

Cheers, Andy


Thank you for always supporting the Sunset Street in Kashiwazaki events! As we near the end of winter, we are busy preparing this summer's event!

If you haven't already entered, please check the Sports Entry page.

News about the event can be found on the event homepage.

For accommodation, we have added accommodation ideas to the event homepage (including a special rider's stay package at Jyonnobi Village).

We have some promotional pictures to support the event. The digital images are attached to this email. Please use them freely.

We have started "Sunset Street Cycling Club" on Strava. You can see news about events, guide rides and group rides here. This is a community group. We hope you can meet fellow like minded riders here.

Finally, we have started a YouTube channel. I am just a beginner, so please be patient. If you are interested please like and subscribe!

If you have any questions about the event, please ask me anytime.

We are looking forward to seeing you in summer!







youtube: https://youtube.com/@SSSinKZ?si=ch635G29T2Sxj1CUAdobe_Express_20240209_0951440_1.pngAdobe_Express_20240209_1020150_1.png
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