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The 10 Cycling Commandments


Apr 23, 2006
The 10 Cycling Commandments

1. Thou shalt not covet thy neighbour's Colagno, nor cast thy covetous eyes upon Full Carbon gadgets that thou cannot afford.
2. Thou shalt not lurk behind thy brother's wheel for many miles and then buggering off without thanks
3. Thou shalt not inflict upon thy bikeless brethren thy unending monologue concerning thy Gears Ratios and the Virtues of Compact Cranks.
4. Thou shalt become aware that the Pleasures that thou findeth in Cycling are not in direct proportion to the amount of cash thou parteth with, nor shalt thou giveth a large tythe of thy monthly salary to thy Local Bike Shop.
5. Behold it is written that thou shalt not spend every living moment planning thy next ride lest thy spouse fileth for Divorce, and thereby taketh you to the cleaners and forceth the sale of thy Pinarello.
6. Thou shalt return in kind the actions and services rendered unto you by thy Car Driving Brethren, not forgetting the Appropriate Hand Gestures and Helpful Directives as to where thou shouldst ride.
7. Thou shalt not smirk whilst overtaking old women on shopping bikes.
8. Thou shalt wash thy water bottles before thou noticeth vile fungi forming in the bottom, for this thing is an abomination to thy Spouse.
9. Thou shalt not use the Towel of thy Spouse to wipe down thy chain, for this also is also an abomination to her and delighteth her Lawyers.
10. Thou shalt not lie to thy elders in the peloton about thy speeds, lest thou looketh rather ridiculous next time you ride with them.
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