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testing new edge 500, garmin connect -- posting that data?


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Jul 26, 2008
Just got a 500 (via wiggle, no HRM or cadence), initially kind of complicated looking, but after this second ride, I think I'm getting a few aspects down. The upload to the web and all the stuff there looks pretty easy. But the buttons on the unit will take a few days--can't really see what they're marked as without my glasses, but gee, it can't take too long to remember four buttons and what they do... :rolleyes:

Does this come thru?


Hmm, I thought that might show the map, but I guess not. I hope that's visible to everyone by clicking on it, and not something you have to log in to see. It's the long, flat way home from work.

Thanks to everyone who posted on the various garmin threads (which I have followed carefully), and who responded to what may have been some pretty unknowing comments and questions on my part.


I hope to use this to catalog some rides in the Kanazawa area, and maybe show a few different preferred/convenient routes for visitors into and out of town. (And maybe to track a longer trip later in the summer.)
Shows up perfectly!
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