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May 14, 2010
I am looking at getting a new saddle for you Bianchi and was wondering if there are any shops around Tokyo that offer test saddle services. I know Y's road in Shinjuku recently started renting out Fiziks, but I am not sure if they do this for other brands too.

The three brands I am currently looking at are Fizik (Arione), Specialized (Touppe/Romin), and Selle Italia (SLR Fibra/TT) if that helps any. If anyone has any hands on experience and could list their perceived pro's/con's of the prior mentioned saddles it would be really helpful.
Y's Shinjuku Maniac store has some serious discounts on their saddles in the grab bag. go check it out.
Jules, thanks for the recommendation. I was planning to have a look today, but they were closed.

GSA, is that the little tiny store with all of the high-end carbon frames/wheels?

Pete, never heard of them before. I will definitely go have a look.
SweetCat live
@mxs - yeah . I'm going over there today to buy out more of their stock. Super deals. Also - I have some carbon test saddles coming in next week, if anyone wants to try. They will cost less than 10,000 yen and have custom graphics available. If you guys like them, we can do a short run with TCC Logo / colors - very good price. Made from 3K T700 Toray fiber and patterned after the Sella Italia Carbon. I'm getting 2 models - both are about 100gr.
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