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May 28, 2007
Hi everyone

Just wanted to update that our team website has become "live" whilst we continue to added many more features by the end of April. http://www.teamvandp.jp/

Cycling Time has also put us up in their news section, and are graciously firm supporters in what we are trying to accomplish in Japan. More coverage of our team is on the way.

I look forwatd to meeting TCC people at rides and or races sometime soon!

Fingers crossed and we'll hoepfully be able to make some positive impact.

All the best
Very nice site, Valentino, and thanks for the update. I really like your team kit too; I'll keep an eye out for your guys in the upcoming events and races this summer, though no doubt we'll be riding in somewhat different clases. :)

Good luck!

Thank you very much for the much needed encouragement Phil! I wonder at times if I got myself too deep with this project, but feel this is too important and really hope we can introduce some good changes for the local cyclists and races.

The team will be registered this year as a "Jitsugyoadan" team, and will compete in BR1, BR2-3, S and A class races. The point will be in taking riders who want to improve and working with them to make it happen, and not just strive to race as an "elite" team.

The eventuall path will likely be keeping the above team for grassroots developement of riders at various abilities, and having another unit as a UCI continental team (which will race internationally).

We've already received sponsorship inquiries from two of some of Japan's largest companies who want to be part of something like this that is focused on benefitting Japanese cycling as a whole, so we're slowly on our way!

If you come to any of the races or will be riding Oifuto, please let me know via the contact information in our website.

All the best
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