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Team Training Camp Peugeut Neilpryde Lacasse - Tour De France Final Stage Party July 20th and 21st


Maximum Pace
Dec 31, 2009


Please come join us for our second team training camp with TEAM PEUGEOT-NEIL PRYDE-LACASSE Pro Cycling and CYCLEFIT JAPAN

JULY 20-21 (you can come a day early if you would like) at NORTHSTAR Alpine Lodge in Nagano, where you get a chance to ride with the pros! Come experience the whole ambiance of a pro team. Test rides of the 2013 NEIL PRYDE BICYCLES line up will also be available. We will be riding Mt. Norikura and also enjoy the final stage of the 100th edition of the Tour de France in NORTHSTAR LODGES comfortable lodge on their large screen projector.

Come train and ride with us. You can meet and ask any question to Julian Maingot from France and some of the Japanese riders from the team. You will be coached while riding with the team and if you like you can have a private coaching or get fitted by a professional fitter!

When: 07/19-20-21 (you may choose 1 or 2 night patterns).

-------------- Camp Package ----------------

One Night - Two Day Package:
Lodging: 8800yen food included (please add 8800 for an additional night if you want to stay 2 nights)
Coaching: 4000yen (3 hour AM group lesson) this is optional
BBQ: 700yen (special BBQ with cyclists)
Total 13,500yen

*If guests want private room, they must pay 3000yen surcharge for a single room per night.
*Dinner and breakfast is within the room charge.
*Lunch: Eat at local restaurant
*Transportation is on your own.

Additional Programs ~ *Reservation Recommended

-Private Coaching: 3 hour session ~ 15,000yen (Friday AM-PM, Saturday PM, Sunday AM)~ with Michael Rice

-Professional Bike Fitting: 3 hour session ~ 30,000yen

Fittings are given on a first come first serve bases and slots may fill up. If you interested in being fit, please make an appointment. Any inquiries can be made directly to Cyclefit Japan via email at [email protected]. More information on the bike fit process can be found at www.cyclefitjapan.com

Payments for fittings will be accepted in cash or a small credit surcharge will apply.


Body Care: Deep Tissue Massage
30 minutes: 4000yen
60 minutes: 8000yen

Thai: Sports Massage and Stretching
60 minutes: 9000yen
90 minutes: 12,000yen

We have 20 places only this time available so make sure to make your reservation soon directly with NORTHSTAR!!

Where: Come and experience the cycling friendly NORTHSTAR Alpine Lodge ( www.ridenorthstar.com ) located in the famous NORIKURA KOGEN (sight of Norikura Hill Climb), where the lodge is run by cyclists and the lodge is designed with cyclists in mind. All reservations must be through their homepage at http://ridenorthstar.com/reservation/

Hope to ride with you!
Sebastien Pilotte, Team Sport Director
Daniel Junker, NORTHSTAR CEO
Direct contact
NORTHSTAR Alpine Lodge
Phone: 0263-93-1688
Fax: 0263-93-1699
Mobile: 090-8326-6233


Bokeh master
Sep 28, 2011
I would love to join but that weekend can't work for me, I hope you do another one on a weekend I can make it.


Maximum Pace
May 25, 2009
Chuck, would be great if you could post some pictures of the event in this thread as it would really help boost interest for next years event.


Maximum Pace
Dec 31, 2009
If you would like to be on the mailing list for future events please send your contact info to my personal message box.

Thank You!

Charles Wiesner
Cyclefit Japan
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