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TDF 2012 Night Out Akasaka


Maximum Pace
Jan 14, 2007
The Biervana Pub in Akasaka are possibly going to do some TDF nights this year.

They'd like to know what nights would be popular for some of us to get together and watch on their wall to wall screens...

I suggested some dates but Wimbledon is on around the same time so may be hard to co-ordinate plus it will also depend how the race is panning out.
Being a Belgium start some belgium beers may be in order...

Saturday 30 June Stage 1: Starts in Belgium. May be a good Belgium beer night.
Sunday Stage 2: still in Belgium:

Monday 9 July Stage 9: Short and may finish before last trains home.

Thursday 12 July Stage 11: 2nd night of high mountains.

Thursday 19 July Stage 17 May be a crucial night depending how the
race is panning out.
(last chance for the mountain climbers to make a break for it).

Saturday 21 July Stage 19 Last chance for the Time-trialists to win
back the lead and possibly the whole race. But if the race has already been decided by this stage then nobody will want to go out???? Bit of a risk for the pub to put this date up.

If anybody/everybody/somebody can chime in with some feedback I'll pass it on to them...

Aron B

Maximum Pace
Mar 24, 2012
I'm definitely up for several nights, it's too early to make a commitment for specific days though. I'm a bit worried about catching the last train, as 5pm in France is midnight here, possibly just too late to see some of the finishes. Or is it a tradition to come and go by bike (drunk)?

Prologues are boring, but of course everyone's excited that the game is on. The first real stage (July 1) could be interesting towards the finish, like last year at Mont des Alouettes. Everything up to the first chrono July 9 will probably not be important for the GC.

This Tour looks classic in that the decision will probably not be made until the final week. I expect no big battles in the Alps. Stage 16 on July 18 is crazy with four great climbs consecutively--worth watching integrally. Both the final mountain stage on July 19 and the TT on July 21 should be essential in deciding the GC.

Cheers, Aron


Maximum Pace
Oct 11, 2009
Ask then if they want to host some GoldSprints as well, I can bring my gear down. They just need 4 sets of rollers - no way I'm bringing mine on the train! At more than 60kg , it's too much.


Maximum Pace
Oct 2, 2009
Looking at the store layout, they have lots of screens, but maybe not enough space to setup four rollers inside. Would be great to have rollers with the front axle bridge, so you can bring your own bike and go all out, without falling off into the crowd.

The goldsprint.jp boys regularly setup events with two rollers though and should have sufficient logistic capabilities. They are sponsored through keirin, so it's probably a question who pays.

Anyways, the location is close to my office, so I will be down for some stages to watch in hd
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