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TCC Tops?


Feb 25, 2007
Just a thought..........

Has it been considered in the past to have TCC tops with the club logo on?

It would make official rides look more like a club than just a bunch of guys and girls out for a ride. Then there are some of the events that are entered - Fuji hill climb and others. It might make it easier for us to spot other club memebers when out riding solo too!

I guess for me - it's a constant thought now that I will leave Japan in just a couple of months and someting like a club top would serve as a permanent reminder of my time here.

there seem to be plenty of companies offering services for club tops and at reasonable prices with relatively small order quantities.

Anybody else interested?


Comments and thoughts welcome.
Hi Greg, TCC jerseys are being under consideration. We have some design concepts, we have sponsors, but I am not sure when the tops will finally be available.

In Kusatsu we were wearing provisory outfits with official TCC stitches attached.

Patience. :)
I am so very interested. I thought their was a TCC shirt design thread out there a couple of months ago. I thought it was a done deal, just wanting on shirts?
No better way to identify a club than an official and unique jersey. I am game once I finally arrive in Japan sometime in 2008.

Ride On

Update From the UK

Hi to you all,

enjoying keeping upto date with the exploits of all during the winter in Japan - keep it up it's good reading.
I am stepping up the training a little now that we have xmas and new year out of the way (a couple of extra lbs to loose!), still on the turbo as the weather (and work) are not helping getting out on the road to often at the moment.

With an eye towards the summer I am looking at entering a couple of sportives during the spring/early summer, I still have a minor problem with the leg (Fuji hill climb) but it is improving and should be all sorted before the rides.
I have checked out the results from last year and not too many non UK clubs were represented and I'd like to change that a bit and and put the TCC on the road here in the UK.
If you guys (and girls) have no objections I will be entering these rides under the banner of the TCC. To make things look right on the day I was wondering how the TCC tops/jerseys were coming along?
if I can finally make a choice I'll be on a new stead too, stuck between Scott CR1 pro, Trek Madonne 5.2, Specialized Roubaix Pro or the Focus Cay Pro - ahh choices choices!!! All around the same price and comparable specs so the choice aint easy - I'd ask for advice but suspect you'd all throw in a few other alternatives to muddy the waters further. Guess I'll have to test ride a couple and take it from there.

Wishing you well

Hi Greg, good to see you stopping by at TCC! :)

Last thing I have heard is that we can expect the TCC jerseys to be ready just before our Kusatsu tour (end of April). We'd be very pleased if you entered your race under the TCC flag. You're hereby appointed head of TCC's UK chapter. :D
UK representation

Assuming the tops are on time (end of April) should be able to get one to the UK in time for the first sportive in May.
I will proudly represent the TCC in the UK

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