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TCC Team kit, who's in?

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Nov 1, 2005
Dear members,

you might still be aware of our intention to launch a new TCC team kit. While the design has been more or less finalised (view Serguei's kit attached to this post), we are still negotiating with Wiggle as to how much assistance and what kind of support they can provide us with.

First and foremost, they would like to know how many members are potentially interested in acquiring TCC shirts/kits. If you are please let us know in this thread as soon as possible. And no, your expression of interest won't be legally binding. :)


Edit: uploaded Serguei's final design
I'm in! Not sure how the sizing works, though. I'm assuming this will be bibs and jersey? socks?
I'm in too

Please let me know as to when you estimate we can expect recieving the kit.
I am interested in purchasing a jersey.
Are they pro race fit, or are they baggy and loose fitting for Non-racers?

How much are they?


Tim, we are planning on issuing a complete kit (bibs, jersey, cap, gloves, down to socks if possible). Hopefully long and short-sleeved, depending on the demand.

Kori, good point! I'll inquire about a women's cut. :)

Yair, I pray we can receive the kits before the Tokyo Enduro, but I wouldn't count on it.

DJ, at this point we have no further info about the cut yet, sorry. Please stay tuned.
I'm in for long sleves, short sleeves and shorts/ bibs gloves. Who wears socks?
I'm in as long as there's a womens cut
I am interested in
short sleeve jersey (L)
bib shorts (L)

With this kit, I can have my initials, TCC, on my jersey. I just need the new BMC to have TCC (Tuned Carbon Concept) on my bike.
Thanks for the heads up.
I'm interested in the kit (short sleeve and bib shorts)
Interested.... more so in a winter version...even if we don't make it this winter... the design is so good..would look good on long sleeves....
Me too!

Hi Thomas,

I am in for a short sleeve and maybe bibs and gloves depending on the final prices.

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