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Tokyo Cycling Club
Jun 30, 2013

After speaking with @Musashi13 and @Heath today, who pointed out that there were a lot of people on the TCC Strava group who were not living in, and had not ever lived, or ever been to, Tokyo, or any part of Japan, I have removed these people from the group. The group is now invite only, so any person wishing to join will have to get approved by one of the admins (so we can check they are living in Japan, previously living here, etc.)

This stops those people who just randomly join 100s of clubs, and then screw up the leaderboards for people who are actual club members. This seems to be standard procedure for all cycling club linked Strava groups.

It means that the leaderboards now actually consist of people riding in the area, and not some guy who did a massive 300km ride in the middle of Indonesia taking the top spot, etc.

Hope this makes sense.


Maximum Pace
Aug 27, 2012
I managed it last week;)

Did not have a 30+kmph average but I am number one and you shall never take it from me because you don't have a time machine, so there!

Mlac Peek

Peek pace master
Jun 12, 2012
Nice one @TCC, I'd pretty much given up checking the Strava TCC club leader board because of that very issue.
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Andy in Tokyo

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Dec 16, 2012
Excellent. I left the club for this reason. Will be rejoining (if I get approved, of course ;)).

PS Just noticed you've added TCC caps to the smileys. NICE.
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