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Sep 2, 2009

A while back, I remember a number of members discussing the music they listen to on rides.

Now, I know the legalities of all of this in Japan, so let's just say this is all just for when you are on the rollers, but I have decided to start a TCC music share system.

Now, for this, I have decided to use Dropbox, as it is free and available on Linux, Mac, Windows, iPhone and Android, so most bases will be covered.

If you want to join in on this, all you need to do is install Dropbox on whatever machine you fancy, and send me a PM, so I can send you an invite to the folder I have set up.


Once installed, and I have sent you an invite, you will have a folder on your computer / phone which other members will have access to and can upload music to at any point. Anything anyone uploads will automatically be copied to your system, so you can wake up, look in the folder, say, "oh, that is new", get riding and listen.

Regarding the music; of course, anything goes. Anything you like riding with is fine, but in a bid to minimise having to change tracks whilst riding, and also keep within the confines of copyright, I initially propose DJ mixes, or at the very least a single file with a load of tracks mixed into one. Of course, feel free to vary from this!

Format-wise, .wav is best, of course, but .mp3 is probably what most people are used to, and when dealing with mixes, is much more space efficient.

Anyway, if anybody is up for this, let me know and I will invite you in.

It is all very simple, and a good way to share good stuff to ride to.

Once set up, I am thinking of working out some kind of rating system, with certain mixes being recommended for certain rides, etc. This idea is still in its infancy in my mind though, so bare with me.


Any takers?



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Jul 26, 2008
(I like to listen to something before going out the door, or at least consider/think about something I know, then kind of mentally jam on it thru the ride.)


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May 25, 2009
I think we have closed down previous threads on this due to legal reasons.


Sep 2, 2009
Oh, OK.

No intention to cause bother, so do with it as you will.
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