TCC Kit. Feedback!

Sep 2, 2009

So, most of you will have got your kit by now (those that are currently waiting have personal arrangements with us to get the kit to you, as you know).

Hopefully you will all have had a chance to ride the kit at least once, and the point of this thread is to ask you to give some feedback.

Everything worthwhile is a work in progress, and any comments will be taken into account and used to improve / tweak what we currently have, so please just go for it and say what you think.


What do you think of it?
Oct 15, 2010
For me... awesome design, but the shorts are a bit tight (lost a ball the other day if you know what I mean) and the jersey a bit baggy - especially the arms. I am used to having sleeves that show off my guns a bit, and really have to pull them up to keep the same tan lines. Need to pull the jersey down too to keep it from riding up on my torso.

Also, the ink in the bib-shorts seems to run a bit? It looks like I got oil on them from my chain, but I am sure I did not as I have white bar tape as well and am extra careful about such things.

In summary... keep the design - it rocks, but tighter jersey (especially sleeve length) big more room in the shorts and better die and it'll be perfect.


Bokeh master
Sep 28, 2011
Could do with the plastic liner on the inside bottom of the shirt, that grips and stops it riding up.

The zipper is kind of small, I can't get my hand to the bottom easily to retreive coins. I guess it depends on what the pocket is for. I was just dropping loose change in it and that doesn't work so well. maybe if I ued a little pouch I wouldn't be whining.

Please let us know how to re-order I want to get one for a friend.
Sep 2, 2009

Re-ordering will take place at a point in the future when enough people are interested. Will let you all know how it works then.

Cheers, and please keep the feedback coming.

Dec 17, 2011
Having ridden with the kit a few times, the only thing that I feel could be improved is the sleeves. They seem a bit loose and have a tendency to crawl up during riding.

And that's it pretty much! I love all other aspects of it, a really solid work!

Owen, do let us know about reordering! I could definitely use some more jerseys! :D
Sep 2, 2009
Thanks again for the feedback!

All duly noted and will be addressed accordingly.

Kiwisimon, funnily enough I got a message from someone about buying an M sized jersey. I have messaged you about this, so have a look and see what you think.
Jan 14, 2008
Nerima, Tokyo, Japan
Only ridden it once so far but have to say I am very pleased with the kit. Definitely a vast improvement on the previous kit both in fit and design. The only thing (and very minor, to be honest I'm nitpicking a bit here) is that the dark grey on the black bib shorts thinned a little when worn but you could only see when up close. The fit was perfect though.

Went out today for a ride with a friend and she really liked it aswell. She said it was very well designed and I couldn't agree more with her.

I even met another TCC'er on the way home (sorry didn't get your name but was nice to meet you) who also commented on the nice kit.

Thank you very much Owen for all the hard work in getting the kit designed, all the negotiating with Wiggle to get us a great deal and getting all the kits shipped out to us. We all appreciate it.:D
Sep 2, 2009
Yes, that 'feature' of the shorts was a surprise to me too; was not part of the design, and is a side affect of the material used.

I will certainly feed all of this back to the manufacturer.

Regarding re-ordering, as I said, I will be working all this out in the near future, so please hold tight on that for a while. I have started the process and just need to hear back from the people that make it.



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Feb 6, 2012
Koto-ku, Tokyo
Owen, the kit is amazing! As you might know, I crashed recently and received quite a few abrasions and lacerations…some areas on my body resemble ground beef.

Anyway, I thought while examining myself, covered in blood and in shock “My new TCC kit…worn only four times…had been trashed.” I was really dejected by the thought of a ruined kit and having to wait for the opportunity to order a new one.

After a couple of days, I had resigned myself to the fact that my kit was ruined and buying another whenever the opportunity arose. Before the end, I gave the kit a final look, and apart from having a few minor tears and set in blood stains, it seemed worth saving. Keep in mind that I have cuts, scrapes and bruises on my upper torso, arms and legs.

I hate to throw away money so I decided to try and save my kit. After a quick search for information on removing set in blood stains, I found what I was looking for in no time flat.

The plan:

Step one, wash the kit in cold water to remove dirt so that I could see what I was really up against.
Step two, hang dry kit.
Step three, stitch where needed.
Step four, treat with stain remover and another wash.
Final step, dry and repeat step four if necessary.

Well, the plan has worked great and my kit has been saved! These things must be made of some super material as my kit looks good as new!

TCCers, if you don’t have a kit yet, then you might want to consider getting one in the next order!

Here are some pictures below. I have decided to not include images of my scars for obvious reasons.
Sep 2, 2009
Good info!

Are those pictures of the kit after you worked on it? If so, I can not see anything wrong with it at all...

Aron B

Maximum Pace
Mar 24, 2012
Nerima-ku, Tokyo
I have a white short-sleeve kit that was still available even after my arrival to Japan. The size of both the shirt and the shorts say "MAN L".

I like the kit, no problem riding up to and over 200km on a day. The zip pocket is great. The shirt is a little bit too big for me (184cm tall): I can feel it flapping in the wind when descending, and not just the sleeves as ikedawilliams mentioned above.