TCC 2012 Bonenkai


Maximum Pace
Jun 24, 2010
Date: Sunday December 9th
Time: 5pm~
Place: Shibuya, The Aldgate

Party Fee: 1,500 yen/pp Includes food/snacks. (Served from ~6pm. Probably enough food so you do not go hungry)
Beverages: Buy Your Own Drink (You can also buy me beer too! :beer: )

Reservations: (required) Please send me a PM by 5pm on Friday December 7th to confirm your attendance (if you have not already confirmed with me) I will post the final attendance list on Friday evening in this thread.

Additional things that unfortunately need to be pointed out.
Cancellations: If you have confirmed your attendance and your name is on the final attendance list, but for some bad fortune you are unable to attend, please be prepared to send the organizer the party fee through a bank transfer or paypal, within one week.

Party crashing?: Just make a reservation.


Speeding Up
Jul 31, 2007
to be fair, it is really Sunday afternoon.....

Should allow peeps to get home for dinner, if that is required. Also should be less crowded at the pub than Saturday, no?
Much as I love the Aldgate - which is really my regular boozer - even on Saturday's or Friday nights it doesn't really get that crowded. That is part of its appeal in many ways, plus the record collection and good range of beers.