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Tamako Bicycle Road, Monday 7th August

Cool man, that looks like a good time--slower than traffic, sure, but further away from exhaust and particulates, and closer to the green stuff. Thanks for the link to the photos and travelogue.

sora-san's post

Yes, the cycling road looked uncrowded.

At times, I have to wait a while for the road to clear before taking a picture!

Nice ride

Thanks for your travelogue. I also do the Tamako road on the weekends and find it so refreshing, among the green!
I need to ride that as well for less traffic. I road Shin Ome Kaido to Shinjuku from Fussa shi and it was slow and tedious "sugoi abunai". Way too much defensive driving and I will never do it again.....LOL
nice ride


man, thanks for that, I haven't done it but it looks a good ride. Will definitely give it a spin.

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