Tall people in Tokyo, where do you shop for bikes?

If this is discussed elsewhere, please link me to it. I would think this is a common issue in Japan.

I called quite a few shops in Tokyo and Yokohama and couldn't find any road bikes over 54cm. In the states I would never buy a bike with out test riding it, but I guess that is what you have to do in Japan if you need a bigger size bike? Get the best fitting you can and order the needed size?

I even called Riteway distributors and they may or may not have a 56cm at their stand in the Triathalon in Odaiba on the 17th. They don't think anyone is stocking that size bike. I have only seen a cannondale at a Y's once that was over 54cm.

I will be in Tokyo the next four days hitting up bike shops so if any one has suggestions I would really appreciate it. I'm looking for a carbon road bike.

Michael in Akita


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Nov 1, 2005
Wiggle, Excel Sports, RA Cycles...

I ordered most of my bikes on the internet. Panasonic does offer large-size frames (steel and titanium). Online is usually much cheaper, too.

Unfortunately, I'm not aware of any stores offering large frames in Tokyo.


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Apr 8, 2008
My advice is find a decent shop in Akita that can size you up properly. Find out the size of road frame you need.

Find a few frames on the web (wiggle, chain reaction or even pedalforce if you want a cheap carbon one). Download the geometry details. Take these to the shop and have them look over it.

When you decide the best frame, order it (perhaps forks and wheels as well). When it arrives take it to the shop again and get them to check it. Get the shop to build a bike to fit you (stem length, saddle height etc).

Also, keep an eye on the classifieds on this website as you might find a big bike on here.

Good luck!




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Oct 9, 2008
Setagaya-ku, Tokyo
Y's in Akasaka has one floor (basement) for large bikes.

But especially now when the Yen is so strong and the bike shops/distributors don't pass on any of this to their customers, it is the time to order overseas.
You guys are great! I am packing for Tokyo right now.

The two bike shops I went to in Akita were not much help. The one just asked my height and told me what bike size I need (even though they are real nice), the other was a bit snobbish, but I am trying to work my way in there because they have more high end bikes and parts.

I will call the shops you guys mentioned and search the sights you sent me. I also check the classifieds here, but I would like a new bike with a warranty.

I guess I know why I haven't met anyone tall here that likes biking :p
And I am only 5'10".

Thanks again,


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Nov 1, 2009
Puerto de la Santa Maria
Wrench Science . com

Wrench science has a good fitting program to size you for one of their bikes online. Even if you don't buy from them, it is pretty useful elsewhere. I also use Competitive Cyclist's online fitting system and Seven cycles. I measured myself on all three online sites and then used the data to get my bike from Competitive Cyclist. I ordered via the phone which put me a little more at ease. The telephone sales staff were very good and all experienced cyclist themselves. The guys at Excel Sports are also very experienced and helpful.


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Oct 11, 2009
Remember - if you are getting a road bike, the new(er) compact frames support very wide sizing compared to the old classic geometery. So, using an online calculator will get you into the frame size confidently. And then just purchase your bars / stem / seatpost, etc here in Japan, where you can have more control over the individual fitted items. That's another way to do it. Gosh, today the yen picked up AGAIN - time couldn't be better to pick up some amazing deals - especially on last year blowout items from the US or Europe.


Oct 20, 2010
Big Bikes

Hi Michael,

I started cycling just over a year ago and knew (know) nothing about bikes. Someone took me to Narushima Friend who looked me over and recommended a bike that was far too small. I cycled in extreme discomfort for 11 months and recently went to a local Y's Bike. The guy measured me - told me I have "sugoku long legs" (I'm 180cm) and "average arms" (Of course, I'm a woman!) - recommended three options from catalogs, got the bike in, changed to a shorter stem and I've discovered a new passion. I wanted to buy locally as I'm only slowly learning the difference between a pedal and a saddle but would have probably been cheaper to import.

Good luck. Hope you get a good one!
Bought a bike

Hey all,

Thanks for all the input. It was really helpful.
I made it to Odaiba two weekends ago to watch the Triathlon and test ride some FELT bikes. They had a 56 cm but couldn`t bring the 58 they were hoping to.
I test road the 56 all over Odaiba. I think the guy was a bit worried. But I realized it was just a bit to short.
So I found a 2009 FELT F4, 58cm and ordered it online from R&A cycling. It took 4 days from New York to Akita-ken. What a nice bike and I don`t have the seat maxed out either.
All together it costs me 228,999円 including shipping.
Love this site and will keep checking in.
By the way, if you search this site for TALL there are many many links from people with the same problem.

Best of rides,


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Izo's experience was a lot like mine. I'm 185cm and knew nothing about road bike sizing when I went to Y's for my first one. They took some detailed measurements, looked up different frame types that were in that neighborhood and in my price range, and then made some fine-tuning adjustments to the stem height.


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Apr 26, 2010
Hey Michael (and anyone else with experience with this), could you tell me the what the shipping and import tax came to on a full bike from R&A? With the great exchange rate, and 2010 closeout, I'm looking at grabbing a new ride too, and I'm wondering how much to add on to the bike price.


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For shipping from the States, I've found it's usually about $150 for a full bike, less for a frameset (say $100). Only ordered one bike from Europe (Planet X in the UK), and if memory serves it was closer to (or over) $200 equivalent.

Customs is likely not more than 6500 yen? There's an old thread about import duties here:


The good shops can tell you the exact shipping costs before you order (apart from tax and duties, of course).